Avengers: Endgame - Shuri Reveals Everything We Know About the Infinity Stones

The Infinity Stones might literally be a thing of the past in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that isn't stopping new information about the powerful props from surfacing. In Marvel's new The Wakanda Files book, Shuri and others characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have in-canon details about their experiences and knowledge revealed. On a couple of pages, Shuri reveals everything she knows about the Infinity Stones. She may have learned this information from trying to work on the Mind Stone in Vision's head or off screen around the time of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Information about all six of the Infinty Stones is revealed from Shuri's perspective: Mind, Power, Time, Reality, Space, and Soul.

"The Tesseract, acquired by Thanos via Loki after it was supposed to be placed into Odin's vault on Asgard for safekeeping," is how Shuri describes the Space Stone. "Taken by Thanos after he raid the Asgardian refugee ship. Project PEGASUS research proved the stone is capable of high energy output and even space-time travel/ But I believe it is capable of far more." Perhaps a tease of the Space Stone playing a role in another film?

Shuri spent the most time with the Mind Stone and also had information from Tony Stark and Bruce Banner's research of it. "This is one of the few stones I have data on," Shuri says. "Given to Loki by Thanos, this stone was the core of Loki's scepter. It \was later placed in Vision, allowing him consciousness. The Mind Stone is at the very core of Vision's powers. It "spoke" to him on occasion. As best I can figure, the stone is the very embodiment of intellect and information." No word on how Vision will function without it!

Strange's Time Stone comes with some unsurprising intel. "Doctor Strange was sworn to protect this stone at all costs, and he placed it into his amulet, the Eye of Agamotto, guarding it with an enchantment," Shuri says. "The stone bends time around it. The wearer can move forward through time either physically or mentally." Mentally moving from time could be an interesting use of the Time Stone in the future, should the past still-existent version of it come into play.

The Reality Stone first appeared in Thor: The Dark World. "Dr. Jane Foster detailed the abilities of this stone when it appeared on Earth in a different form, originally a liquid called the Aether," Shuri explains. "It is able to bend reality to the stone wearer's will, altering what we perceive to be real. It can render weapons ineffective and create visions so real, they are taken as actual reality."

There are two stones which Shuri admits to know little about. "Very little is known about [the Power Stone]," Shuri says. "The possessor of this stone can wield immense power, physical enhancement, and the ability to fire energy from one's fingers. It is as if this stone is concentrated dose of the Erskine_serum."


Meanwhile, "Even less is known about [the Soul Stone,]" Shuri admits.

The Wakanda Files book is available now.