Thor Almost Kept His Cape With His Quantum Realm Suit

Avengers: Endgame’s artbook basically reignited conversations around the film with the various [...]

Avengers: Endgame's artbook basically reignited conversations around the film with the various stylistic choices in the concept images. Thor's design is one of the things from the movie that caught a lot of viewers off-guard, and one change to his quantum realm suit could have made his character feel a lot different during the time heist. One of the images from the book posted to Reddit shows off a version of the Asgardian with his trademark flowing red cape attached to the suit. A bunch of the quantum realm looks have made their way to the Internet over the last couple of weeks. There are a ton of looks that the creative team went through with the quantum realm suits before landing on the design that made its way to the leaks and then screens all over the world. One very wild design made use of the Avengers logo as the neckline, but sadly it might have just been too busy to include in a final version. One thing is for sure, cape or no cape, Thor's journey in Endgame is about personal acceptance. He's been kicked so many times in the lead-up to that confrontation on Thanos' farm. Then, that interaction is just the straw that breaks the camel's back. But, the writers on the film had a plan and a message for what they wanted to do with the God of Thunder.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely wrote Avengers: Endgame, and they put a lot of thought into how Thor's appearance played into the narrative of the film. His weight, hair, and everything else came into play for every decision made around the character.

Thor still having a cape even in quantum suit concept art from r/marvelstudios

"He got re-toned by [director] Taika Waititi, [writer] Eric Pearson and Chris Hemsworth in "Thor: Ragnarok," and that was a gift to us," Markus said to the L.A. Times. "But we also wanted to give him real obstacles and real consequences. All the things he lost in that movie, he takes it with such aplomb, but he's really lost everything."

"Basically from his first movie, he is headed for the throne. He has all this burden of purpose on him. And so his arc in all these movies is learning to let go of what people expect of him and embrace what he himself feels he is," he continued. "It turns out Hemsworth is a really good actor. He's not just gorgeous, he's funny. It's [been] such a great second half of the MCU for him. I'm really, really happy that that all came about."

"It came up but we were really adamant about not doing that because I think that would treat it more like a joke," McFeely said about reverting Thor at the end of the film. "And the idea is that this is who he is now and he's still a hero. And when he calls down the lightning and gets both hammers, all it does is put a suit on him and twist his beard into a braid, it doesn't magically take 200 pounds off."

"And I think what his mother tells him, 'Don't be who you're supposed to be, be the best version of who you are,' includes that," McFeely added. "We didn't want to treat the weight gain like the issue that he needed to get over. Like 'Thor got fat and now he needs to go on a diet.' No, he needs to feel OK about himself no matter who he is."