Avengers Writers Reveal If Thanos Could Have Accidentally Snapped Himself Out of Existence

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus weigh in on an oft-asked question: could Thanos (Josh Brolin) have accidentally snapped himself when using the six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the universe?

"Well, I think he probably put a little asterisk in his snap — and not me," Markus told Backstory Magazine. Countered McFeely, "But if it's truly random, you know, perhaps..."

Whether or not the Mad Titan survived the snap through his own will or through fate, Thanos was content with dying upon fulfilling his life's mission.

"This moment is one of my favorite moments in the movie, where Thanos gets nothing but satisfaction from seeing his head chopped off," Markus says on the Endgame home commentary track in response to 2014 Thanos watching 2018 Thanos' death at the hand of Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

Director Anthony Russo said Thanos lets slip a smirk because he knows he's found "vindication."

"Just confirmation that he is on the right track," added Markus.

"Well I think that's always what Thanos supporters online say, what is exciting to them about him as a character is his monastic dedication to his mission," said director Joe Russo. "And he is willing to die for the mission."

The creative team also confirmed Thanos let the Avengers kill him when confronted on Titan II three weeks after performing the snap in Wakanda.

"What's great about it, is that it allows for a different kind of movie to unfold," Joe said. "One that's reflective and pensive, and character-oriented rather than plot-oriented."

"And they only accomplish what Thanos lets them accomplish," added Markus. "He has finished his job and he lets them kill him."


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