'Avengers: Infinity War': Sebastian Stan Wants to Keep Playing Bucky

With Avengers: Infinity War gradually getting closer, much of the fate of the Marvel Cinematic [...]

With Avengers: Infinity War gradually getting closer, much of the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently hanging in the balance. But it sounds like one of the franchise's actors is hopeful about what comes next.

During a recent interview with HeyUGuys during Infinity War's press tour, Sebastian Stan was asked about the narrative future of his character, Bucky Barnes. While he doesn't know exactly what's next for his character, he voiced an interest in playing Bucky in future movies.

"I know we had conversations about what potentially might happen, where he would go, and where he wouldn't go." Stan explained. "But, it's just so hard to predict, you know? Because it's just, over time, it depends on the fans. It depends on all kinds of things. But it's been a blessing to see it come this far. And like I said, we knew we could potentially do a Winter Soldier movie, or any of those things. And so far it's been great, so knock on wood, you know? It keeps going."

Stan's sentiment is particularly interesting, considering what fans have been speculating about Infinity War. With Chris Evans wrapping up his Captain America tenure in Avengers 4, many (even Chance the Rapper) have pointed to Bucky as the next character to take on the mantle. For the most part, Stan's sentiment has been somewhat similar - that he's hopeful, but whatever happens, happens.

"I would love that one day, absolutely," Stan said during a panel earlier this year, admitting Bucky taking over the role would make for "a very different Captain America."

"I think it's possible, I really do," Stan said, "but it just has to make sense and we might need a little more time."

But before that, fans will get to see Stan reprise his role in the next two Avengers movies, something that has been a continued process for the actor.

"I've been enjoying rediscovering him in the last few movies, including Infinity War, because he started out a certain way and then it was such a hard left with Winter Soldier, it was immediately like a whole different ballgame," Stan explained. "So now it's been fun going back a little bit and finding different things that we discovered in that early movie and putting them back in little by little, finding out where is he now."

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Avengers: Infinity War lands in theaters on April 27th.