'Avengers 4' Fan Theory Suggests Thanos May Not Have Really Gotten All the Infinity Stones

The latest Avengers: Infinity War fan theory suggests that Thanos didn’t complete his quest for the Infinity Stones.

The theory comes from Reddit user 11_Apollo_22, and even they admit it is a bit of stretch. 11_Apollo_22 noticed that the visuals for Scarlet Witch’s powers are red. The Reality Stone is also red. Could this be a hint that Thanos is being tricked into believing that he has acquired all six Infinity Stones when he has not?

“Has anyone noticed how similar Scarlet Witch and the reality Stone are?” 11_Apollo_22 writes. “Just another example to add proof to the theory, she did have the ability to manipulate everyone's Minds at one point. And the red glow of her ability seems pretty consistent with the reality Stone. Hint hint, did Thanos ever really get the stone? Could this potentially be a ruse to manipulate Thanos? Again highly unlikely, especially considering the fact that I believe Avengers 4 has to do with the quantum Realm. Or at least a small part. I actually had this suspicion after watching both Thor dark World, and Avengers Age of Ultron. There are quite a few examples that made me wonder. Anyone else have a thought?”

There are a few problems with this theory. For one, the Scarlet Witch’s powers were unlocked by the Mind Stone, not the Reality Stone. Any similarities in color between her abilities and the Reality Stone seem incidental at best. The character is called the Scarlet Witch. Making her powers blue or green would have been off-brand.

There’s also the question of how Thanos managed to wipe out half of all life in the universe if he didn’t actually have all six Infinity Stones. It seems unlikely that this is some sort of placebo effect and that the power was really inside Thanos all along. The brief conversation between Thanos and young Gamora seemed to confirm the reality of the situation as well.

But perhaps the effects of the snap are all a part of the Scarlet Witch’s illusion? That also seems unlikely. The Scarlet Witch hasn’t been shown to have that kind of power. If she did, she maybe wouldn’t have blown up those people in the Wakandan embassy and the Avengers could have avoided their civil war. And besides, what purpose would such a large and elaborate illusion serve, especially when, based on their reactions, none of the other Avengers are in on the joke?

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