'Avengers: Infinity War' Promo Art Reveals War Machine's New Armor

Heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man have received most of the Infinity War [...]

Heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man have received most of the Infinity War spotlight so far, but Stark's best friend War Machine has finally surfaced.

A new licensed T-Shirt for Avengers: Infinity War surfaced online, showing several of the heroes from the anticipated film with Thanos looming in the background. One of those heroes was James Rhodes (at least we think it's him), who is showing off his redesigned War Machine armor.

As opposed to the last time we saw him in Captain America: Civil War, War Machine's latest armor isn't just black and silver. The shirt almost gives it some purple highlights, but that is probably just to make it stand out on the shirt. Still, it does feature an updated design, giving it a sleeker look overall, and there are also numerous red LEDs illuminating the chest, hands, and weapons.

You can check out the full image above.

War Machine is seen alongside Iron Man (rocking his new armor as well), Gamora, Thor (complete with eye and new armor), Black Widow (with her new green costume), Captain America (with beard), Rocket Racoon, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Groot, and Black Panther. Crazily enough, that is just a fraction of the characters that will be in the full movie, and you'll need at least 3 shirts to feature the whole cast.

While only Black Widow is featured on this particular shirt, there are plenty of fans who would love to one day seen an all-female Avengers team take the lead. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige seems to be down for this idea and uses the immense response to Black Panther's Lupita Nyong'o, Letitia Wright, and Danai Gurira as a perfect example.

"It is all about figuring out when and how," Feige said. "But by the way, many of them have already filmed additional scenes in upcoming movies, so some of that is gonna come sooner rather than later. All of them will be seen again."

Black Panther is currently playing in theaters. After that, it is time for Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theaters on May 4, which is followed by Ant-Man and The Wasp on July 6.