Avengers: Infinity War Rumored Details Tease "Sizable" Role For Star-Lord

Sadly, we are years away from seeing Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters. The much-anticipated [...]

Sadly, we are years away from seeing Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters. The much-anticipated blockbuster will see all-stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe team up to take on Thanos in an intergalactic smackdown. Of course, Marvel Studios is being hush about the project as it enters production in Atlanta. But, according to one source, it seems one character will definitely be getting a larger role in the film than expected.

So, obviously, possible spoilers below!

It's not secret that the Guardians of the Galaxy will star in Infinity War. Earlier this year, Vin Diesel confirmed the news to the excitement of fans, and many wondered how the team would fit into the massive blockbuster. Apparently, the extraterrestrial super-squad will introduce themselves via Star-Lord. According to Schmoes Know, the hero will allegedly be the first team member to make an appearance in the film and be a "major player" throughout Infinity War.

As for what the hero will be doing, fans aren't sure. The news isn't entirely unexpected though. Since Chris Pratt is the man behind Star-Lord, fans speculated the leading man would earn a larger role in Infinity War due to his star status. And, what's more, the character is a fan-favorite in the MCU because of its roguish attitude and witty remarks.

Of course, most fans will agree that they'd love to see Star-Lord come face-to-face with Tony Stark's Iron Man. The famed hero would surely be hesitant to meet up with another alien after the whole Chitauri Invasion, so being introduced to the human space vagabond might be a good compromise.

Star-Lord is not the only Marvel hero who has been confirmed for Infinity War. The massive cast will include Doctor Strange. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch let the news slip during an interview with Empire Magazine and noted that it was a "logical challenge" to get his shooting scheduled aligned with those of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and more.

Earlier this year, Vin Diesel also told fans that the Guardians of the Galaxy would appear in the film. The Russo Brothers, who will be directing Infinity War, has previously told ComicBook.com that Star-Lord would be featured in the film but stopped short of roping in the rest of his teammates.


"The movies are intended to be a culmination of everything that's happened before in the MCU so you don't want to get into spoilers but I'm a big fan of what James Gunn has done," Anthony Russo explained. "[Joe Russo and I] are both big fans of what James Gunn has done. Star-Lord is a fantastic character and Chris Pratt is an awesome performer so you'd be very excited."

Over the past week, reported details about Infinity War have been debuted by the folks at Schmoes Know. Earlier today, the site alleged that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok would feature a group of aliens called The Elders of the Universe. The group, who originates in the comics, will supposedly include four ancient, powerful beings which oversee the universe and count The Collector as one of its members.

Guardian's of the Galaxy Vol. 2 releases on May 5, 2017. Thor: Ragnarok will follow on November 3, 2017. The Avengers: Infinity War movies recently began production in Atlanta and are set for release in 2018 and 2019.[H/T] Schmoes Know