Thor: Ragnarok Nearly Set Up a Very Different Death for Loki in Avengers: Infinity War

Fans knew Thanos meant business by the time he dispatched Loki early in Avengers: Infinity War. But, that always wasn't always the plan for the character. An alternate draft of Thor: Ragnarok was revealed in the Avengers: Endgame artbook. The trickster would have gone to Jotunheim to hide both the Tesseract and himself from Thanos. But, in the end, the result would have been the same as the Mad Titan finds and ends him. So, a slightly different road, but it leads to the same place for the character. Still, as Endgame showed audiences, there is still more story to tell with the slippery spell caster. He's got a Disney+ series coming up with his name on it. LOKI will chronicle the adventures after he slips out of the heroes' grasp in their mission back to the past. A special on Disney+ entitled Expanding the Universe talks about what the creative team has planned for everyone's favorite villain.

"There's a huge time travel component," Loki executive producer Stephen Broussard began. "There will be a man on the run quality to it and we get the chance to explore more human sides of Loki."

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Loki is usually a character who masters the art of taking control of any situation. Now, with the space stone, he's off to manipulate events to his advantage. "We're finally going to see him on his back foot," executive producer Kevin Wright commented. "This his him, being put in a position where he doesn't have all the answers, and has been thrown a curveball by life."

Tom Hiddleston was going to sneak his way back into the picture somehow. Loki presents the perfect avenue for the star to do something different than his usual bouncing off Chris Hemsworth. He shared how excited he was for the Disney+ series at San Diego Comic-Con. "New territory, a new world, and I cannot wait to get started," Hiddleston said during Expanding the Universe.

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