Batman Wants to Join the Marvel Universe in 'CONAN' Parody

The world's pastiest late night host is kicking off San Diego Comic-Con with a bang, as Conan revealed a brand new skit that brings Batman to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, there's a catch: the Avengers don't want the Caped Crusader, as played by Conan O'Brien himself. Check out the skit in the video player above!

The skit features some other awesome comedians playing superheroes, including Riki Lindhome as Black Widow, Keegan-Michael Key as Black Panther, Rob Huebel as Iron Man, David Koechner as Thor, and Blake Anderson as Aquaman.

In the clip, all of the superheroes are attending a high school and Marvel's Avengers rule the roost. The DC Comics superheroes are definitely portrayed as the unpopular kids of the class, and Batman wants to leave their always-raining universe to join the Marvel group.

They get a series of sick burns in on Batman before Robin shows up, played by Andy Richter. And the sidekick refuses to be the butt of the joke, offering a few of his own insults at the MCU power players before heading off.

The skit also features a special appearance from a comic book-accurate Jughead, who is welcomed with open arms by the Marvel crew, and a funny reference to Professor Xavier's attempt to run for class president.

It's a great way for Conan to kick off his San Diego Comic-Con stint, where he's featuring casts and creators of popular shows and upcoming films all week long. The first episode featured a Breaking Bad reunion, and the Aquaman cast will join the show to close out the event on Sunday.


Hopefully Conan will include more awesome skits like this one, skewering the fandoms and the characters we know and love with reverence. Let's just hope everyone can take a joke, lest Batman gets bullied into seeing the school counselor.

Conan is airing nightly on TBS during San Diego Comic-Con.