Marvel Releases Two Brand New 'Black Panther' TV Spots

Black Panther is just over one week away and Marvel is releasing a boatload of TV spots for its final marketing push.

This morning, two brand new 30-second spots were released online, each featuring new footage from the film.

The first spot, which you can watch above, is titled "Legend Begins," and it focuses on what the legacy of Black Panther means to T'Challa and his people. Most of the footage on the front end of the spot are recycled, but there are quite a few new shots as you get into the second half. Chief among them, a new look at Killmonger's attempt to dethrone the king.

One of the most noticeable new scenes in teaser features T'Challa having a conversation with Everett Ross, and Ross later questioning the identity of the Black Panther. The entire spot is set to the music of Kendrick Lamar, likely one of the new songs from his Black Panther album.

The second spot can be found below, and it's titled "Revolution." As you can imagine from the name, this teaser is all about Erik Killmonger's challenge to Wakanda. The footage featured here shows off several new shots of the villain, as well his multiple fights with Black Panther. Towards the end, there is one shot people will surely be talking about, as it shows both men in their Panther suits, leaping toward one another.


Check out both new TV spots, and be sure to see Black Panther when it debuts in theaters on February 16.