Black Widow's David Harbour Praises MCU Producers

In the world of genre entertainment, movies don't get much bigger than the productions rolled out by the team at Marvel Studios. Within the past five years especially, just having that Marvel Studios logo on a film's title card has resulted in at least $600 million at the worldwide box office. While it's evident those on the team have their methods down to a science by this point, one of the shared universe's newest stars says it all comes to passion and a dedication to story over dollars and cents.

Speaking with, Harbour admits he's a self-proclaimed nerd for genre movies. When I asked him if being in the MCU was a dream come true, the Stranger Things star raved about the studio's producers who work around the clock to make them as successful as possible.

"Yeah, yeah. Those movies, there's a reason why they are the zeitgeist that they are," Harbour says. "The guys that I've met over there who are making these movies, like [Louis] D'Esposito and [Kevin] Feige, they just seem like the best in the business in a certain way in terms of that particular thing."

The actor — who appears in Stranger Things 3 out July 4th — then took a sudden detour for a quick etymology lesson, explaining that Marvel Studios treated each of their films like an indie project.

"The great thing about them and about all the people that work on these movies is that it really feels like an amateur movie, and I don't mean this in terms of a negative thing," he continues. "Amateur stems from the word 'amo,' to love. People just doing it for the love of it as opposed to just doing it for a paycheck and that's really what it feels like. It feels like these guys just love, love, love movies, and they want to make fun, exciting movies."

While he wouldn't speak too much about Black Widow, which is now in production, Harbour was sure to point out that director Cate Shortland is one of the best directors he's ever worked with.

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While Black Widow has yet to be confirmed, it will likely receive the May 1, 2020 date from Marvel Studios. Avengers: Endgame enters theaters for a re-release this weekend while Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into action July 2nd.