Black Widow Movie Marvel Legends Figure Wave is Live


Last week Marvel released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming Black Widow film starring Scarlett Johansson, and today Hasbro followed up with their complete Black Widow Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure (Crimson Dynamo - pictured below) wave. The lineup of figures is listed below, and they include characters from both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comic books.

Note that we've kept the codenames Hasbro originally used to hide the identities of the characters. That having been said, the teaser trailer made these figures safe to fully unveil, but they do give us our best look yet at the costumes - like Red Guardian's shield and Yelena's / Taskmaster's complete outfits. You can take a closer look at / pre-order all of the figures right here with shipping slated for April. You might also want to grab the X-Men Retro Marvel Legends Black Outfit Storm Fan Channel exclusive figure that was released today alongside this wave.

  • BLACK WIDOW - Black Widow (Movie Version)
  • SKULL - Taskmaster (Movie Version)
  • TWISTED SISTER - Yelena Belova (Movie Version)
  • NO QUARTER - Crossbones (Comic Version)
  • CRIMSON - Red Guardian (Movie Version)
  • SUMMER CIVILIAN - Winter Soldier (Comic Version)
  • SCOUT MASTER - Spymaster (Comic Version)

Again, this is a Build-A-Figure wave, so all of the figures (with the exception of Taskmaster) will have a piece that combines to form Crimson Dynamo (could he be in the film?). Here's what the completed figure will look like:


Collectors can grab the wave as a complete set with a bonus Taskmaster right here for $175.99 with free shipping. You'll also get the wave a bit sooner - the case is slated for a March release.

Marvel's Black Widow hits theaters on May 1st, 2020.

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