Black Widow Featurette Offers Exciting New Look at Natasha's Journey

A new Black Widow trailer is set to arrive tonight during the NCAA's National Championship football game, but before that new look at one of Marvel Studios' most eagerly-anticipated films hits, Disney released a special look at the upcoming, Natasha Romanoff-centric film offering fans a bit of insight into the long road from the beloved character's first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance to her own, solo film outing.

In the teaser, which runs just over a minute long, star Scarlett Johansson talks about the "multi-layered" nature of the character all the way back in 2009 -- around the time the character debuted in Iron Man 2. She then goes on to explain that as an actor, she's in a rare position to be able to develop the character over the course of a decade only to get to take a genuine deep dive into who she is. You can check out the special teaser in the video above.

"There's one movie people have been asking us to make for a very long time, more so than any other film: a Black Widow Movie," Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige says in the video.

Black Widow stars Johansson alongside Oscar nominee Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova and David Harbour as Red Guardian. Harbour has previously teased that fans will get to see a lot more of Natasha's life outside of being a member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which will reveal new insight into her character's sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame.

"It's great because you get to go back a little bit in time with her, right?" Harbour told "And you get to explore these events and that's one of the things that was interesting to me in the movie was because you know the events of Endgame so you get to explore how she got there and how she got there to make that choice."

"I think that's the interesting part of her narrative is that we get to go back and explore this period of time between the events of Civil War and that particular arc," he continued. "One of our things is we've known each other for a really long time and that relationship plays into the stuff that's come beyond. The great thing about knowing the end of an arc, you get to go back and either foreshadow or play against it and it's very joyful for fans to see these moments or prepped character beats come in at times."

Black Widow is set to be released on May 1st.


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