Black Widow and Taskmaster Face Off in New TV Spot

Marvel dropped a new Black Widow TV spot that shows off the hero and villain’s big battle. On [...]

Marvel dropped a new Black Widow TV spot that shows off the hero and villain's big battle. On the Marvel Studios Instagram, fans can see Taskmaster and Natasha throwing down in anticipation of the upcoming film. A lot of speculation has swirled around the bad guy in the Marvel film. Fans are so close to answers that they can almost taste it. For a year, there hasn't been any new MCU project to hit the big screen, and the moment is finally here. Scarlett Johansson has been happy with how Black Widow's story has been handled in this film. O T Fagbenle is ready for everyone to meet his character, Mason. They along with Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova and David Harbour's Red Guardian will try to save the world and reunite their family. Hopefully, things end a bit more satisfyingly than the last time we saw Nat.

Fagbenle spoke to The Playlist about his character and what was going on in this season of The Handmaid's Tale. Mason is the resident gadget man and should help Black Widow a ton. Some fans believe he's a secret villain, but you won't be getting any answers about that out of the actor.

"I play this character called Mason. It's really cool, actually, because you know you get those characters, like in James Bond you've got Q, and in Batman, I guess, you've got Alfred, and in some ways, I think Mason is that person who helps facilitate Black Widow's missions with all the cool shit that she needs," Fagbenle told them. "But very much unlike Q and Alfred, there's a kind of energy between them that you pick up. Like, 'Is it all business, or is it not?' So there's something really fun about that; that kind of dynamic between the two characters. I hesitate to say that he's a little fun. It's quite a fun character, although you might get a sense he's got a dark side. But yeah, I can't say too much."

The mystery of Florence Pugh's character also seems to be a big question for fans as well. Yelena Belova hovers over the entire thing too. It's interesting to ponder what the total package holds for the MCU's future.

"The storyline that we are telling is very horrifying," Pugh said in the pages of Marvel Studios' Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book. "It's about women that have been, essentially, abused and trained up to be killing machines. As Scarlett said over and over, this is the right time for her to be telling [Black Widow's] story. And we're not shying away from the fact that this story is essentially about women getting their life back... And it's a Marvel Studios film, too. That's pretty rare, and it's very exciting to be a part of that."

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