Blade, Ghost Rider, And Moon Knight Rumored For Netflix Series

Blade Ghost Rider Moon Knight

While Marvel and Netflix are busy finishing up their new series and planning out season 2 of Jessica Jones, there's a rumor that those might be paving the way for more of Marvel's properties on the popular streaming service.

According to, their sources have said that those properties will, in fact, be Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight. While there isn't any other information as of yet, we can at least speculate for a bit.

Blade and Moon Knight fit in perfectly with what Marvel and Netflix have already done, that being street level characters with interesting histories and character quirks. Blade is the most successful of the group outside of comics, but there hasn't been a new entry since Blade Trinity back in 2004. The character is ripe for this type of show, and it could do really well for the network. As for Moon Knight, the character has tons of potential, and in trusted hands could be fantastic in this type of format. The split personality and Khonshu elements of the character make a transition to film quite difficult, but in a drawn out series that can really delve into what makes him tick he could flourish.


Ghost Rider is the most intriguing choice, as he also has had some film success. The 2007 Ghost Rider was quite successful, but it spawned a 2011 sequel that was far from well received. It would be the most effect-heavy Netflix show to date for Marvel, and most likely the darkest in tone. Still, I have faith they could pull it off.