Captain Marvel's Brie Larson Still Has To Pay For Disney+

Disney's streaming service Disney+ is off to a big start, with loads of content from all points of [...]

Disney's streaming service Disney+ is off to a big start, with loads of content from all points of Disney's rather large umbrella. Star Wars, Marvel, classic animation, and more are all calling the service home, so you might imagine that if you are one of the stars of those films, you would get a free account. It turns out that might not be the case though, as Captain Marvel star Brie Larson, who headlines one of Disney+'s biggest films at launch, revealed she does not have a free account to the service. Larson was asked about it on Ellen, and revealed she doesn't even have an account yet (via E News).

"You know, I don't even have a Disney+ account," Larson told Ellen. "I was gonna use this opportunity to ask." She then looked right into the camera and made her pitch to Disney on getting a free account, and she made a compelling case that included more than just being the star of Captain Marvel.

"Waiting for a Disney+ comped account," Larson said. "I've got multiple pieces of art on your streaming service, including one of my first and best roles I've ever done which is a film called Right on Track. It was a Disney Channel Original Movie."

We imagine it won't be too long before she gets a comped account. Sure she was in Captain Marvel, but if you're also in a Disney Channel Original Movie to boot we feel like a comped account is a no brainer

It shouldn't be a big deal for Disney either, as the service rocketed to 10 million subscribers in the first day. Now, a chunk of those were thanks to the Verizon promotion that gives some customers a free year of the service, but even without that their subscriber base is already impressive.

The service launched with a variety of content, including Disney's classic animated films, their live-action remakes, Disney Channel shows, a collection of Marvel cartoons, TV shows, and films, a collection of Star Wars shows and films, and Fox content that includes 30 seasons of the Simpsons, and all of its' a solid value for just $6.99. If you haven't checked out Disney+ yet and you want to give it a go, you can do that here.

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