Captain America: Civil War Deleted Scene Reveals Baron Zemo Buying Hydra Diary

Now that the Infinity Saga has officially concluded and all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films that told the story are on home video, fans have been given glimpses of all-new deleted scenes from various points in the series, including a sequence in which Daniel Bruhl's Baron Zemo finds a different path to acquiring the Hydra diary in Captain America: Civil War. Rather than being an additional scene that was entirely scrapped from the film, it would seem as though this is an entirely alternate avenue of procuring the artifact would have taken the place of what audiences saw in the completed version of the film.

Based on images of the deleted scene, it would appear as though Helmut Zero attends an auction in hopes of purchasing the diary that would allow him to tap into the Winter Soldier's mental programming, but, rather than bidding on the diary, he gases the room, allowing him to steal it. In the theatrical version of the film, Zemo instead breaks into someone's house, tortures them, and recovers the diary.

While it's unclear why directors Joe and Anthony Russo opted for the home infiltration, it's possible that an event in which a room full of people were gassed and a Hydra artifact was stolen would have put such an event on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar and launched an investigation that could have resulted in Zemo's apprehension, or at least would have prevented him earning access to Winter Soldier.

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Of the many different villains that audiences have seen in the MCU, Zemo is easily one of the most sympathetic, as he was focused solely on planting the seed of distrust among the Avengers in hopes of them taking responsibility for the collateral damage they caused around the world. Despite being the film's major villain, the events of the film never resulted in a massive battle between him and the heroes, instead allowing them to conflict with one another, resulting in his imprisonment.

While the character has been off the radar in the MCU for four years, Zemo is set to make his return to the franchise with the upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series on Disney+. It's unclear how large a part of the new series he will be in its debut season, but fans have already spotted Bruhl on set as his famous villain.


The Infinity Saga Box Set is available now. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to land on Disney+ later this year.

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