'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Gets Reimagined As A Horror Movie

Have you ever wondered what a Marvel Cinematic Universe horror movie would look like? Well wonder no more, as Captain America: Winter Soldier is here.

Okay, to be fair, Winter Solider actually wasn't a horror movie, though it is one of the best MCU movies in their portfolio. Project ? Hello decided to give the popular movie a horror-themed makeover, and while you shouldn't expect Conjuring level scares here, it's amazing what editing and a spooky musical track can do to a superhero movie.

It helps that Winter Soldier contains some heavier moments, like Bucky's frequent brainwashing procedure and his explosive first meeting with Captain America and Black Widow. It's easy to forget how hard the movie hit Nick Fury as well, and that all feeds into the piano-heavy soundscape perfectly.

You can view the Winter Soldier horror trailer in the video above.

For more of Project? Hello's work you can check out their YouTube page.

By the way, that above comment of "one of the best MCU movies" wasn't just hyperbole. Captain America: Winter Soldier holds an 81.87 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings, placing it at #14. Amongst users though it is even higher, scoring a 4.22 out of 5 to come in at #5 in the all-time rankings. You can submit your vote for the film here.


The film did quite well at the box office too. Captain America: Winter Soldier was produced on a budget of $170 million, and ultimately pulled in over $259 million domestically. It added over $454 million overseas to bring its worldwide total to over $714 million.

Chris Evans will return to the role of Captain America in next year's Avengers: Infinity War, but from the first trailer, it seems he's undergone some changes since fans last saw him, including a full beard, long hair, and no longer wielding a shield. By Black Panther's comments in that footage though, don't expect him to not have his iconic weapon for long.

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