New 'Captain Marvel' Concept Art Shows Comic-Accurate Look for Korath

Since Captain Marvel featured the Kree homeworld of Hala, it only makes sense the movie saw the return of Djimon Hounsou and Lee Pace as they reprised their roles from Guardians of the Galaxy as Korath the Pursuer and Ronan the Accuser, respectively. While Ronan's costume in the film was pretty comic-accurate, Korath's look was much closer to how he looked in Guardians than his comic book counterpart.

According to recently released concept art, however, Korath apparently nearly had some much different duds that resembled how the Pursuer looks in the Marvel comics lore, save for some color changes here and there. Shared online earlier today by Marvel Studios visual development maestro Jackson Sze, Korath had a Ronan-esque cowl in at least one piece of early concept art.

While on the set of Captain Marvel, Hounsou told that the two characters would have an interesting dynamic in the film, and that's something fans certainly saw unfold on screen.

"As far as story based uniquely on this is concerned, I feel like Carol is the type of person that takes a joy at taking the piss at me all the time, cause I'm sort of very machine-like, very framed, very driven. The lack of not being so flexible and playful, she takes a piss at that, I think," Hounsou said.

Captain Marvel is now in theaters. Other upcoming Marvel Studios films include Avengers: Endgame on April 26th and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.

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