Captain Marvel: Who Could Annette Bening Be Playing?

Captain Marvel has added yet more star power to its cast, but who could Annette Bening be playing?

The casting just happened, but there are already a few theories roaming about, and we've got a few ourselves. With that in mind, we are going to give it our best guess, and we'll start with the most likely answer. According to Variety's Justin Kroll Bening will join the film in the role of Captain Marvel's mother, Marie Danvers.

The relationship between them was fine early on, but in the comics, it all changes after Captain Marvel's run-in with Rogue. Rogue strips her of her memories and emotions, and it takes Carol a long time to come to terms with that. It also had an effect on her mother as well, culminating in one of the hardest hitting mother-daughter fights you'll see in comics.

Odds are that won't surface just yet in the film, but if Bening is in the Danvers role she certainly has the acting chops to pull it off, and having Brie Larson on the other side of that argument could result in an insanely memorable scene.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When THR first reported the news, they hinted at another option, saying a scientist had been listed in the character's job description. In the comics, Marie has nothing really to do with the more cosmic goings on in the universe, but the movie could be taking a different tact. One way to introduce her early would be to change her occupation to a scientist, giving her a tether to Carol's world. They could also be going a different route altogether.

That brings us to Helen Cobb, a pilot who Carol was inspired by in the comics. Through some time travel wonkiness Carol would end up battling at Cobb's side in the past and even see her origin alongside her, and while none of that will likely be in the film, her presence would still likely be in a mentor-like role.

Bening could also end up playing Tracy Burke, though this one is probably the least likely answer. Burke is a journalist that ends working for Danvers during her time as a magazine editor. The two end up developing a unique but truly familial relationship until Burke's death in later issues. We'd love to see this character eventually introduced, but maybe it is better served for the sequel.


So, who do you think Annette Bening is playing? Let us know in the comments!