Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman Cosplayers Get Engaged at Motor City Comic Con

When it comes to female superheroes, it is hard to beat out Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. The heroines are at the top of their game, and fans continue to pit the pair together in fantasy match ups. However, it seems one couple has no interest in dividing the heroes.

If anything, they want to bring them together, so the couple decided to get engaged at a recent comic convention while cosplaying the icons.

As reported by Detroit Free Press, a couple has now gone viral after attending Motor City Comic Con this past week. It was there Ashley Vansickle cosplayed as Captain Marvel and found the perfect way to propose to her girlfriend Deanna Mascia who appeared as Wonder Woman.

According to the report, the couple hails from Ohio and have been dating for about a year. It was Vansickle who came up with the clever proposal and planned it to go down at Motor City Comic Con.

"Our whole relationship and our lives are based around comic books and superheroes," Vansickle said in a video captured shortly after the proposal.

"She's actually the first girl, the first anybody I told about my interest in comics," Mascia added, saying, "She gave me the courage to be myself."

Vansickle says she spent three months planning the proposal and working with photographer Susan Onysko to capture the moment. She planned to do a photoshoot with Mascia in full cosplay, but Vansickle made sure to interrupt their session.

"I don't think we should be fighting," Vansickle said. "We should be uniting."

It was then the fan got on one knee to propose, and she received an easy yes from Mascia.

With the couple engaged, Vansickle said she was glad her plan to pop the question at comic con worked. The fan said she chose Motor City Comic Con specifically due to its focus on inclusiveness which made it an easy pick for her. In fact, a crowd let loose cheers when the newly engaged couple left their photoshoot to announce Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman were now engaged. So, it seems the pair have a superhero-studded wedding to plan.


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