Charlie Cox Explains Why His Hair Is Not Dyed Red For Daredevil

While all the buzz is centered on fellow Defender Luke Cage and his upcoming series, fans still can't get enough of Marvel's devil of Hell's Kitchen Daredevil.

Actor Charlie Cox, who succeeded in bringing Matt Murdock to life in the hit Netflix series, spoke to fans during a panel at Dragon Con. While there wasn't much season 3 talk at the panel, a few interesting nuggets of information made their way to the surface (via Daily Dragon).

Cox addressed one difference between the show and comic, which involves the book's distinct red hair. For those who prefer that look to what he has now, newsflash, it isn't changing, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

"We tried," he said. "It looked really weird."

He also touched on why Murdock puts on the costume, and how Cox has attempted to deliver a threatening voice when under the guise of Daredevil.

"[Murdock] knew he was gonna go out and make a difference," he said. He went on to describe how the suit changes Murdock, from his demeanor to his speech. In fact, the producers cautioned Cox at one point, saying "You're starting to sound like Batman." He responded by saying there are only so many ways to get that message across, especially when you can't see the person's facial expressions.

Cox also described his legal research, saying "It turned out to be a fantastic sleeping pill", though he did mention that he didn't' do enough research when he first auditioned for the role, saying "I didn't do my research. So, I didn't play the character blind."


Cox will be reprising his role in the upcoming Defenders series for Netflix, and Daredevil will also have a third season, but it currently has no release date as of yet.