Charlie Cox Wants to Know If You've Signed the #SaveDaredevil Petition

Charlie Cox asks if we have all signed the #SaveDaredevil petition from r/marvelstudios

Despite being canceled by Netflix last year, the #SaveDaredevil movement continues raging on throughout all of digital media. Daredevil star Charlie Cox is well aware of the movement and at a recent convention appearance, he encouraged fans attending his panel to participate in the movement's viral petition.

"As you all know, I'm recently out of a job," Cox said during a panel with Agent Carter Hayley Atwell. "Have you all signed the petition?" Cox then motioned to some Daredevil supports in the crowd before joking that they were on his payroll. As it stands now, the petition to bring back Daredevil has a whopping 320,974 signatures.

"Our wishes are that Marvel Television, and its parent company Disney, reach a deal with Netflix that allows the show, in its current format and with its current cast and crew, to continue on a different platform as soon as possible," the petition explains. "According to the scant information available, the characters from Daredevil and the other Netflix shows are barred from use elsewhere for a time period of two years post-cancellation. Ideally, a deal can be made that allows Disney to take over the streaming rights of existing season and continue production uninterrupted." spoke with a few of the lead organizers of the movement earlier this Spring and they both mentioned then that they're willing however long it takes to get the same cast and crew back for another season of Daredevil, whether it be on Hulu, FX, or some other means of distribution.

"You know what, we do have some time frames to work with. We know about the two years lock out on the characters," the team told us. "I think that news came out in early December. Once we had that we were like okay, we roughly know how long this campaign could go. We're sort of gearing up to be around for the long term. A lot of that means pacing ourselves. Not burning out too quickly. It means continually planning events and initiatives for our campaign."

One recent initiative from the team has been the rollout of a "For Your Consideration" campaign, aiming to get the third season of Daredevil nominated for a handful of awards at this year's Emmy Awards.


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All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix.