Check Out Doctor Doom's New Iron Man Armor


Marvel recently made waves with the announcement of a Doctor Doom-centric Iron Man book, titled Infamous Iron Man.

The book will have Victor Von Doom taking on his own Iron Man-like armor, and courtesy of the talented artist Alex Maleev, we now have a closer look at what the armor will look like. The artist released two concept sketches via his Twitter account.

The first features a silver matte style armor with green accents. The color is akin to a pine green, with his LED's and eyes sporting a brighter green glow. His mask is completely chrome, and overall the armor is clean and sleek. He's also sporting a black hooded cloak, which goes a long way to making it feel like Doom.

The second is the same armor sans cloak, which gives us a better look at his shoulders and helmet. You can actually see his Doom logo in this sketch, which resides on the top of his helmet. For me, it doesn't look nearly as good without the cloak, but that is just personal preference.

It's unknown what will happen to Tony Stark after Civil War II, as he isn't present in the post-Civil War solicits. His International Iron Man book will stop and be replaced with Infamous Iron Man, while his Invincible Iron Man book will be taken over by Riri Williams, so there is plenty of change in store for the Iron Man books.


As to how Doom assumes the role, we'll just have to wait and see.