Chris Evans Explains How Captain America: Civil War Came To Be

For Captain America: Civil War to be brought to the big screen in the fantastic form we were treated to earlier this year, a lot of stars had to align. It was a project the fans and cast members were anxious for for years and Chris Evans is no exception.

Over the weekend, Evans, along with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, played hosted to a couple thousand guests at the Philadelphia Convention Center during Wizard World's comic convention. Host Andy Signore asked a range of questions to the panel, ranging from thoughts on Brie Larson as Captain Marvel to who they want to see in Infinity War. One other interesting topic of conversation was just how Civil War came to be and how long the actors knew the super hero brawler was coming.

"We were filming Ultron and Kevin Feige came in one day and was kicking around ideas for Cap 3 and he really made a big performance out of it," Evans explains. "He had a little manila envelop and he says, 'So, for Cap 3, this is what we're thinking.' And he pulls out a Civil War comic book and I was like, 'No! Really?' That requires Downey.' And he said, 'I know. We're in talks with him right now.'"

It wasn't long after the meeting with Feige that the movie came together. "After that meeting we went back to set and we were filming some scene on Ultron and Downey comes up and he said, 'Hey, hey, so, I think we're gonna do this movie together,'" Evans goes on. "And I was like, 'Really? Please! Please do this!' Because, you know, that's such a big... The fans wanted it. It sends the MCU in a certain trajectory. We all had our fingers crossed but Downey was certainly a big piece of that puzzle so once he got onboard everything else fell into place."

Is Captain America: Civil War your favorite movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?