Captain America Star Chris Evans Warns Fans of Imposters Asking for Money

There are plenty of people online trying to take something from someone else or put you in harm's way in order to get ahead. One of these people is apparently posing as Captain America's Chris Evans and attempting to take money from fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Star. The actor has taken to social media to confirm to everyone online that he has not contacted any fans about money in any way, and would never do such a thing in the first place. If you've been asked for money by someone claiming to be Chris Evans, they're lying.

Evans hopped on Twitter on Sunday night to tell fans to be careful about anyone reaching out to them on his behalf. Apparently there is an account claiming to be Evans and that person is asking fans to assist them financially. As you can imagine, Evans probably wouldn't need a fan's help with money for any reason.

"Quick message to fans: I would never, EVER ask any fan for money," Evans wrote in the tweet. "If you've had an interaction with someone claiming to be me asking for money, it's fake. And to anyone who actually preys on fans in this way, you're garbage."

This is the second time that Evans has been the subject of a major online con, though the first wasn't actually asking anyone for help. Back in August, when the number neighbor phenomenon was in full swing, one account claimed to be contacted by Chris Evans. The initial tweet said posted screenshots of a text conversation between them and their number neighbor, who claimed to be "America's Ass" before asking the user to FaceTime them. The picture of the conversation was accompanied by what appeared to be images of Evans speaking on FaceTime.

The tweet quickly went viral but Evans made sure to set the record straight, informing everyone that it was actually a fake.


Long story short: If you're contacted by Chris Evans for any reason, there's a good chance it's not actually him on the other end of the message.