'Cloak & Dagger' Star Gloria Reuben Teases a Difficult Journey for Tyrone's Parents

The first season of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger ended with Tyrone's seemingly solid home life [...]

The first season of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger ended with Tyrone's seemingly solid home life experiencing a massive shock to the system. His brother Billy was shot and killed by the police when Ty was just a kid, and his parents were still dealing with that loss well into his teenage years. To add even more devastation to their plates, Tyrone was forced to go on the run at the end of the Season 1 finale, and he couldn't tell his parents what was going on or if he was okay. Season 2 takes place about eight months after Tyrone made left home, and the loss of another son has not been good for Adina and and Otis.

During a visit to the set of Cloak & Dagger, ComicBook.com caught up with Gloria Reuben to talk about the second season, specifically what her character and her on-screen husband have been going through over the last few months. Sadly, things aren't looking great. Adina is still actively searching for Tyrone, but the entire situation has put a major stress on her relationship with Otis.

"Yeah, she can definitely do that. You know, but this has been kind of unfortunately, at the expense of her marriage. At the beginning of the season, Adina and Otis are separated," Reuben told us. "Unfortunately, this happens a lot with couples, who after, I know it was a few years since Billy was killed, but sometimes, oftentimes, couples don't stay together and I think that the build up, the tension and what happened with Tyrone, particularly towards the end of season one, just kind of exacerbated any kind of tension and any kind of fissures that were already formed."

This certainly sounds like a devastating situation for Adina, but it also feel true to the way Cloak & Dagger has become known for dealing with real issues. Broken marriage, especially after traumatic loss, is an unfortunately common occurrence in our world today, and this series has always dealt with these difficult subjects head-on.

Hopefully, as the season goes on, things will pick up for Adina and Otis. Though a lot of their happiness hinges on Tyrone's disappearance, and he doesn't seem to have returning home on his mind at the moment.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger returns for its second season Thursday, April 4th at 8 pm ET on Freeform.


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