College Student Did His Thesis Project on What Fantastic Four Could Look Like in Marvel Cinematic Universe

College student Matthew Dela Cruz apparently built his thesis around the question of what the Fantastic Four could look like if they were inserted into the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. The project was finished quite some time ago -- much of this content was posted online in May -- but when his college decided to display his project along with some other success stories from the year, Dela Cruz caught the attention of Reddit by posting a single photo that had a number of elements combined in it. The 3D artist created a lot of concept art as well as some logos and even a hand-made costume that he put quite a bit of thought in.

Saying that he got some tips on the basics of character design from Marvel Studios artist Anthony Francisco, Dela Cruz explained on Reddit, "Their uniform is inspired by 1960s space age fashion with geometric shapes all around. The silver piping you see all over the suit is something that regulates their body temperature. The blues are actually 2 different shades and textures of the unstable molecules, a lighter blue which offers more rigidity and protection, and a darker blue which offers more flexibility. I strategically placed the lighter blue in areas that need more protection like the shoulders, chest, and knees and back."

Dela Cruz's work might have passed by your social media timeline in the past if you're a big Spider-Man fan. He has an Instagram feed loaded with shots of Spidey masks he has built.

After the post went wide, he provided a closer look at the costume, which you can see below.

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The Fantastic Four suit I made got a lot of love so here's another look at it! A little breakdown, I designed it all by myself, made the pattern myself as well. @cavin_creations hooked me up with some sweet screen printed fabric for the lighter blue sections, the hexagon fabric was from Yaya Han and I dye subbed blue onto it. As the presentation was closing in, my schedule got pretty hectic so @stark_enzo did me a solid and sanded the emblem that I printed. And of course I did all the sewing and assembly myself! The plan was to make this a cosplay friendly suit so I reeeeeally tried to look for flexible and stretchable piping but I had no time to keep searching so I had no choice but to make it a display only suit and used cables that I painted silver. But nevertheless, I'm still so proud of how this turned out and I'm so happy that people like it as well! - #fantasticfour #ff #fantastic4 #mrfantastic #reedrichards #invisiblewoman #suestorm #humantorch #johnnystorm #thething #bengrimm #silversurfer #galactus #maffhewdc #avengers #endgame #avengersendgame #marvelcinematicuniverse #mcu #marvel #disney #fsdcc #conceptart #multiverse #fantasticfourmovie #cosplay #cosplayer #costume

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Further down in his feed, he also provided looks at 3D models for the Fantastic Four as well as Galactus and Silver Surfer -- with the planet-eater having a headpiece that's pretty true to his comic book look, but a little modernized and tech-ed up, not unlike what you got from some of the reinvented Asgard looks.


We'll see when the FF actually makes it to the movies, and what form it takes, but the bar here has been set pretty high for when the MCU actually jumps on it.