Comic-Con 2022: Hall H Fire Alarm Pulled Ahead of Marvel Studios Panel

In the minutes before Marvel Studios' Hall H panel was set to begin at San Diego Comic-Con, the unexpected truly happened, the fire alarm was pulled. News of the event quickly spread on twitter, Discussing Film's Andrew J. Salazar tweeted: "It appears that someone has pulled the fire alarm or that there is a problem with the Fire Marshall right before Marvel's #SDCC panel." The uneasiness in the crowd seemed to quickly settle though as the local Fire Marshall checked into the event and cleared the venue to continue as planned.

Once it became clear that the fire alarm, or at least check by the Fire Marshall, was given the all-clear, Marvel Fans were quick to begin making jokes. Some speculated, tongue in cheek, that someone from DC and Warner Bros. was responsible for the fire alarm, while others laughed about the footage set to be screened being the reason for the fire alarm. Nerves are high as Marvel fans wait for news out of the panel so all eyes are on whatever happens in that room, fake fire or not.

(Cover Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)