'Daredevil' Star Charlie Cox Regrets Not Being Able to Explore Bullseye Storyline

The loss of Marvel Television on Netflix continues to sting for superhero fans, who eagerly await [...]

The loss of Marvel Television on Netflix continues to sting for superhero fans, who eagerly await news of what will happen after new seasons of The Punisher and Jessica Jones premiere on the platform.

But fans are still bitter over the loss of Daredevil, which was coming off its most critically-acclaimed season yet. And series star Charlie Cox might be more disappointed than the rest of us.

While speaking at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix, Cox spoke about all of the different Easter eggs in the series that got him excited, regretting that we won't see more of the transformation of Benjamin Poindexter into the villain Bullseye.

"Doing Season 3, with all of the Poindexter stuff, the Bullseye stuff, as it was slowly being revealed, I was just like 'Ah! This is so cool!'" Cox said. "And I love how what they did with the show... they don't overdo it. It just takes a little bit of time. As I was reading the scripts, I'm like,
'He's Bullseye! Is he? Yeah! Maybe not?' You're just not sure... When they showed the trailer for the first time, we all watched it and they showed the image of the cap with the bullseye. Everyone was freaking out, man! It was so cool.

"That's, I think, the biggest- the thing that I'm most sad about is that we won't get to really explore that relationship going forward. The Bullseye-Daredevil relationship."

Later on in the panel, he was asked which comic book storylines that he would want to see in the future. But Cox was careful in his response because he knows the scrapped plans for Daredevil Season 4, but instead revealed what he would want to see in the show's future if it happened to come back.

"I'd be real excited to see Benjamin Poindexter really come into his own and really embody Bullseye," said Cox, "and to see them face off, him and Daredevil face off. That's something that I was looking forward to immensely for the future."

Unfortunately, it looks like this storyline won't be going anywhere, but it's awesome to see that Cox is just as excited for the future of the series as we are.

The final season of Daredevil is now streaming on Netflix.