'Daredevil's Charlie Cox Had to Tell Jon Bernthal to Stop Kicking Him in the Ribs

One of the best elements of Netflix's Daredevil are the fight scenes. Even from the series' first season, the impressive and brutal fight scenes -- particularly that infamous hallway fight scene in the show's second episode -- the fights have been a fixture of the Marvel show. Now, Daredevil's Charlie Cox reveals that, for one of those scenes, he had to ask The Punisher's John Bernthal to stop kicking him in the ribs.

During a panel at ACE Comic Con this weekend in Long Island, Cox and Elodie Yung (Electra) answered fan questions and they were asked if anyone had ever been punched in the face doing the fight scenes for the show. While Yung said that she had never been punched in the face even though she was sure she'd punched others, Cox had his own story to tell.

"So, there was this scene on a boat with John, me and John, and the fight starts in the boat, in the cabin and that was filmed on a different day and then we go outside on the deck of the boat on a different night and the first piece of action I come, I roll out the door and the Punisher comes out and so the first thing is that he kicks me in the stomach and then I get up and we go into the fight sequence," Cox explained. "And me and John were still getting to know each other, and I said, I never want an actor to feel like they have to be too careful because you want them to live in it, you want them to be really in it, safely, but you want them to be in it. So, I made the mistake of saying to John 'hey dude don't worry about me you go ahead, you kick me if you need to.' Now, I've said that to people in the past and they're like cool, thanks man, and they take it on board but they don't smack me in the stomach."

As it turns out, Bernthal did, in fact, take Cox's suggestion to heart, kicking his costar for real. After a few takes, Cox had to ask Bernthal to stop.

"Anyway, after about the fourth take I was so winded and in so much pain and I was starting to think, I think I might lose a rib here and, so I had to go up to John and be like 'buddy, I'm sorry man you've got to stop kicking me in the ribs pal. It's so painful,'" Cox said. "So, you know, thankfully, touch wood, there's been no major injuries thus far and we try to keep it as safe as possible."


And while the show keeps it as safe as possible on set, safety isn't exactly something that fans saw much of in Daredevil's most recent appearance on The Defenders. Cox's hero was presumed dead when the building imploded only for it to be revealed that he had survived -- and woke up in the care of nuns.

Daredevil's third season is rumored to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2018.