Deborah Ann Woll Reveals Her Hopes for 'Daredevil' Season 3

A lot is still unknown about Netflix's upcoming third season of Daredevil, but series star Deborah Ann Woll has an idea of where it could go.

In a recent interview with Collider, Woll shared what she hopes to explore with Karen Page in Daredevil's third installment, which recently started filming.

"Definitely her past." Woll revealed. "We’ve been hinting at it, and I hope that we eventually unwrap that candy. That’s cool to me."

Fans have been wondering exactly how Karen will factor into Daredevil's third season, especially since it appears to be adapting the "Born Again" comic storyline. In it, Karen is portrayed as a porn star and heroin addict, who ultimately sells information about Daredevil's real identity into the wrong hands.

As of now, it's pretty safe to assume that Karen won't go into such a dark place within Daredevil's third season. But Woll still hopes to explore her character's less-than-perfect qualities - as she's been given a chance to do on Daredevil, The Defenders, and most recently The Punisher.

"Really, my favorite thing to work on with the character is that doggedness and pushiness." Woll explained. "Karen is pushy, and I like that. I like it in a female character because I think it’s a quality that we historically have disliked in women. I think it can be a strength, as well as a weakness. It can be one of those wonderful, complex aspects of her. She won’t let things go, even if it gets her hurt, or if it gets someone else hurt. She’s out there, she’s gonna get the truth, and she can’t stop thinking about it or let it go, and she never will. That’s a really fun part of her personality to play with."

Woll also praised Erik Oleson, who will be stepping in as Daredevil's showrunner during the third season.


"He’s one of the most enthusiastic showrunners that I’ve ever worked with." Woll added. "He’s so excited about having this job. He’s not over it. He’s easy to talk to and he’s very collaborative. He really understands that we’ve been with these characters now, for three or four years, and he’s just coming into it, so he wants to hear what we think. I’m so excited for what he’s gonna bring. I really, truly, honestly am. He’s a true fan."

Daredevil season three does not currently have a release date.