'The Punisher's Deborah Ann Woll Would Be Interested In A Karen Page Spinoff

In the second season of Marvel's Daredevil, Frank Castle served as the character's antagonist and proved so compelling that Jon Bernthal portrayed the character in his own spinoff series. Now that the first season of Marvel's The Punisher has debuted, could the unsung hero Karen Page now get her own series? Whatever Netflix might be discussing, actress Deborah Ann Woll loves the character and would be happily portray her in her own series.

"I mean, hey, whatever else they want to do! As long as it's written well," Woll told CinemaBlend. "I love the character of Karen. I think that she's really cool. I don't know quite how it fits into this superhero world with her, but hey, if you just wanted to do an investigative journalist spinoff where I take down the bad guys with my pen, I would be totally into that."

As the actress points out, her character doesn't necessarily have "super powers," per se, but that didn't stop The Punisher from being compelling enough to warrant his own series, so there's still hope for Karen.

The character first debuted in the original season of Marvel's Daredevil, with romantic relationships being hinted at between Karen and both Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson at different points in the series. In the show's second season, she found an unlikely connection with Castle, something explored even further in The Punisher.

"There are conversations," Woll explained of their romantic relationship to CinemaBlend. "I have to think about how much I can sort of reveal. Also just in terms of whether this is Jon's story to tell or my story to tell, you just want to kind of be respectful of everybody's contributions. Jon and I have certainly feel that there is room for a romantic story in there. And there were certainly scenes where we took it farther in some takes than we did in other takes. We'll have to sort of wait and see what the editors chose, and how far they decided to push it. But we as actors allowed for that possibility. It'll kinda be up to Marvel and the powers that be to see how far they wanted to take it."

For now, fans will have to settle for seeing the character in Marvel's The Punisher, currently streaming on Netflix.

[H/T CinemaBlend]

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