'Daredevil' Season 3 Photos Tease Major Karen Page Storyline

With filming underway on the latest season of Daredevil, fans are starting to learn more about [...]

With filming underway on the latest season of Daredevil, fans are starting to learn more about what storylines to expect when the flagship Marvel Television series returns to Netflix.

And as Karen Page continues to play a larger role on multiple series, it looks like fans will finally get a glimpse into the character's mysterious past, according to recent set photos. The photos indicate that the new season will be employing flashbacks, or that Page will be returning to her hometown in the present day. Check them out below:

The photos show buildings and street signs shown to be located in a town called Fagan Corners. The fictional city in Vermont is where Karen is from in the Marvel Comics canon. The scenes are being filmed in upstate New York in the Hudson Valley area.

This could tease the direction of the new episodes, outside of the "Born Again" storyline that is rumored to play a large part in Season 3.

In the comics, Karen Page returns home to investigate her father's disappearance. After Matt Murdock pursues her, they discover he has assumed the super villain moniker of Death's-Head, and begins fighting with Daredevil before sacrificing himself to save his daughter's life.

After this moment, Daredevil reveals his secret identity to Karen — but in the series, Karen has known that information since the end of Season 2.

A report from Hudson Valley 360 indicates that they are filming for the ninth episode of Daredevil Season 3, though there's the possibility that there could be multiple episodes taking place in this location, or that the episode order could change prior to whenever the series hits Netflix.

It's unlikely that Karen's father will be the big bad of Season 3, especially with Vincent D'Onofrio set to reprise his role as the Kingpin Wilson Fisk in a major way.

This could be a flashback to Karen's past, and actor Deborah Ann Woll has expressed interest in fleshing her character out more. The first season alluded to a criminal background that she's since escaped. There have also been teases to Karen's dead brother and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the incident.

Hopefully we learn more as production continues to role on Daredevil Season 3.

There's no word yet on when the new episodes will debut on the streaming platform.