'Daredevil' Season 3: Sister Maggie's True Identity Revealed

The ending of The Defenders revealed to audiences that Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, was in fact alive after a building collapsed on top of him. He was being tended to by a nun named Sister Maggie, who has roots that run deep in Daredevil's comic origins. Finally, in the newly-released third season of Daredevil's solo series on Netflix, we found out whether or not the show kept true to the character's backstory.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Daredevil's third season! Continue reading at your own risk...

Sister Maggie works alongside Matt throughout most of Season 3, but it isn't until the eighth episode that her true identity is revealed. Just as many expected, the Netflix series held true to the comics, and Sister Maggie is the mother of Matt Murdock.

In the final moments of episode eight, Maggie is seen praying in the chapel, when she starts talking to Matt's late father. She says that Matt his stubborn, just like him, and refers to Daredevil as "our son." Of course, with his incredible senses, he hears this confession, and is devastated because he's gone his whole life without knowing.

Daredevil Season 3 is rooted in popular comic storylines, including Frank Miller's "Born Again" arc. Showrunner Erik Olseson recently spoke with ComicBook.com about the inclusion of these comic callbacks.

"There are a number of iconic panels from everything from 'Born Again,' to 'Guardian Devil,'" Oleson said, adding that callbacks to Daredevil: Yellow and more were also included. "I had my favorite moments, and we kept kind of a Easter egg list of stuff that we wanted to do in the writer's room while we were breaking stories. But the rule that we all imposed was that it had to be organic to the story that we were telling, and it had to come in an unexpected or a way that comic book fans would recognize it, but not know, or know what would come next, I guess is what I'm saying."


Did you expect Daredevil to stay true to Sister Maggie's comic origins? How are you feeling about Season 3 so far? Let us know in the comments!

All three seasons of Daredevil are currently streaming on Netflix.