'Daredevil' Star Shares New Details About Kingpin

Fans of Netflix's Daredevil may have a little while yet to wait for season three of the Marvel [...]

Fans of Netflix's Daredevil may have a little while yet to wait for season three of the Marvel series to hit the streaming service by the end of 2018, they at least have some new details about Kingpin to make the wait easier.

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio took to Twitter recently to share a few thoughts about his character, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, offering yet another tease of the Marvel villain.

"The thing about FISK," D'Onofrio wrote. "He is in a constant state of emergency when he is not near Venessa. When he can not reach out to her, touch her. He is a walking talking monument of power. Emotional rage leans into him. Pressing against him always. He is the great white whale of New York."

This isn't the first time D'Onofrio has shared glimpses of Kingpin on Twitter. Last month he shared a photograph with the simple caption of "WILSON" and before that back in May he shared an image of a fist marking that he had wrapped his portion of the upcoming third season. Not much is known about what to expect from the show's third season, but D'Onofrio has teased new goals for the character in an interview with Collider.

"It's hard to top the first season, with Steven DeKnight's writing, but Erik Oleson is a very good writer," D'Onofrio said. "I've shot some pretty cool scenes, so far. It's different, but it's very Fisk. It's still very emotional. The character is evolving. His whole deal is based on emotion, so we're taking him down that role further. There are new focuses and new goals. That's all I can say. If it was up to me, I would go on and on and on about it because it's so interesting, but it's so important to them for us to keep our mouths shut."

Whatever the plan is for Fisk, fans will get to see how it plays out sometime this year. Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos recently confirmed that new episodes of Daredevil will hit the streaming service before the year is out, revealing this information towards the end of the Netflix Q2 earnings video.

"In the short term, we've got new seasons coming up, in the second half of this year, of Orange is the New Black, Ozark, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Narcos, the finale of House of Cards, the follow-up series to Making a Murderer," Sarandos said

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