'Deadpool 2' Has a Major Cameo From a Superstar Actor

The sequel to 2016's box office hit Deadpool brought more of the same, stepping up the comedy and [...]

The sequel to 2016's box office hit Deadpool brought more of the same, stepping up the comedy and the action while playing up more connections to the X-Men universe.

But with more money comes a bigger budget and more star power, and Deadpool 2 might have blown its wad of cash on one specific cameo.

Warning: Minor spoilers for Deadpool 2 below.

There were rumors of an A-List cameo being added to the film, first popping up after reshoots took place earlier this year.

The Hollywood Reporter mentioned reshoots in Los Angeles that included a top-secret, A-list cameo. We speculated that it could be Patrick Stewart reprising the role of Professor Xavier, and though the character does appear in the film it's the James McAvoy version.

A couple weeks before the film was released, fan site MCU Cosmic reported that it was actually Brad Pitt. Some doubted the validity of the report, considering the same reporter posited that Deadpool 2 saw extensive reshoots because the film was received poorly at test screenings, which were refuted by many other outlets familiar with the film's production.

But MCU Cosmic proved correct, as Brad Pitt made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in the new film.

Writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese spoke about the cameo and how it came to be, stemming from previous attempts to get Pitt cast as Cable for the Deadpool sequel.

"Yeah, his name definitely came up and there were discussions, it's just, you know, ultimately didn't work out and we were so fortunate that Josh [Brolin] did," Wernick said to ComicBook.com. "We ended up with the best Cable we could have ever imagined in Josh. And as for the cameo, it was a very late add in the sense that we never saw Vanisher on screen in the script. And I can't remember, it might have been Dave or Ryan had the idea of like, what if we see a quick flash and that's a cameo, and then we thought, what's the hardest get in Hollywood? And it's, well, Brad Pitt. Okay, let's go after Brad Pitt.

"And the beauty of doing a second movie after a first movie that folks definitely loved was the ability of the yeses that came in. So Brad's family, his kids loved the first movie and he signed on right away. He did it for scale and a cup of coffee hand-delivered by Ryan Reynolds, and he was the last thing we shot of the entire movie. He was additional photography on the back end and the last frame of film that was shot was Brad Pitt."

Fans can see Pitt's quick cameo in Deadpool 2, now playing in theaters.