Everything Wrong With 'Deadpool 2' According to CinemaSins

Deadpool 2 may have been a hit when it debuted earlier this year, but a new video highlights some [...]

Deadpool 2 may have been a hit when it debuted earlier this year, but a new video highlights some of the film's shortcomings.

CinemaSins recently released their "Everything Wrong With" video about Deadpool 2, which highlights various plot-holes, continuity errors, and just straight up confusing things within the film. You can check out the 22-minute-long video above.

Even though quite a lot of fans responded warmly to Deadpool 2, it can be argued that this video makes some good points, and highlights some of the risks the film decided to take. Among those were the number of deaths within the film, which ranged from warranted to pretty controversial.

"I'd say yes, [we were nervous about the fan reaction]." co-writer Paul Wernick revealed earlier this year. "Absolutely. Terrified. These are characters that childhoods grow up on. So the idea that Shatterstar just jumps out of a plane and dies, then yeah. But our test with Deadpool is, if you couldn't do it in another superhero movie then you SHOULD do it in Deadpool. It's like we're given the license to push the boundaries and it's a boundary we definitely worry about. It's shocking and crazy and funny and we built our whole marketing campaign around these guys. People are coming to the movie thinking these guys are gonna team up and be part of this X-Force and in an instant they're all dead! Comedy trumped better judgment."

Thankfully, the Deadpool franchise could have another chance to have a few less plotholes, with an X-Force movie still in the cards, even with the Disney/Fox purchase looming in the future.

"I mean Drew Goddard's writing X-Force and he's not going to start writing it until the fall." co-writer Rhett Reese told ComicBook.com. "And so we gave him certainly a spring-board to jump off of but ultimately it's going to be up to Drew as to exactly which characters he wants to keep. I think it will certainly be some combination of the characters we've presented for him, but we're not going to try to hem them in. I think he might add new ones, he might use specific ones that are a little non-obvious from the ones he's already got to choose from. So we'll just have to see."

Before we maybe get to X-Force, it sounds like fans might get a chance to see a new side of Deadpool, with a PG-13 recut of the film set to arrive next Christmas.

"Ryan Reynolds and his studio—but I will give credit to Ryan Reynolds more than anyone else—is extraordinary at figuring out ways to get around the system," X-Men producer Simon Kinberg recently told Collider. "And be clever, both in terms of getting attention when it comes to viral stuff and in terms of deflecting attention when it comes to something like this. In the same way that Beyonce and Kanye can drop an album out of nowhere, Ryan figured out a way to drop a movie out of nowhere."

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