'Deadpool 2': Ryan Reynolds Reveals What Might Have Kept the Taylor Swift Easter Egg out of the Movie

Despite being a mercenary, Deadpool has no problem embracing the finer things in life, including [...]

Despite being a mercenary, Deadpool has no problem embracing the finer things in life, including enjoying the pop music of Taylor Swift. The character wore a Swift t-shirt in Deadpool 2 as an homage to the singer, a last-minute idea to help define the character's mentality. As pointed out on the film's commentary track, this reference was only possible with Swift's approval, which the singer seemingly offered gladly.

"We made that t-shirt just 'cause I thought it was funny, and then found out from FOX's legal team that we needed actual written consent from Taylor Swift to use it. She graciously and kindly gave it to us," star Ryan Reynolds shared.

Director David Leitch added, "Wouldn't it be cool if she actually said no, and then what would we have done? It would have been awesome."

While there appears to be a positive relationship between Swift and the live-action Deadpool, that relationship might not extend to the world of animation. Stephen Glover, who was developing an animated series based on the character, took to Twitter earlier this year in the aftermath of that series being scrapped and pointed out that a joke made at Swift's expense might have gotten the plug pulled.

"There really was a Taylor Swift episode," Glover originally tweeted before going on to delete. "It was HILARIOUS. And it definitely was the last straw lol."

Glover was developing the series with his brother Donald, star of Community and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Given their acclaim for working on the FX series Atlanta, it came as a shock to find out that the project had been scrapped, especially given Deadpool's popularity.

"Our show wasn't too black," Glover pointed out in a follow-up tweet, which he also deleted. "It wasn't really that black at all. But we definitely wanted to give Rick and Morty a run for their money and I think we would have. Proud of the gang."

It looks as though the Deadpool film series has also come to an end, of sorts, with Reynolds having previously claimed that a Deadpool 3 seems unlikely. Instead, the Merc with a Mouth would continue his exploits in an X-Force film.

"For Deadpool 3, you know, it's an odd thing to say but I don't think there will be a Deadpool 3," Reynolds shared with Starnews Korea. "I think going forward it would be an X-Force movie, which would be his team so to speak."

Deadpool 2 is available on Digital HD now and on Blu-ray Aug. 21st.

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