Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Reveals Why Deadpool 3 Is Being Made

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld sat down alongside The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman for an [...]

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld sat down alongside The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman for an interview with during San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and was asked about the highly-anticipated new installment in the Deadpool franchise. While the future of the other Marvel properties previously owned by 20th Century Fox (namely the X-Men and Fantastic Four) is still up in the air, both Bob Iger and Kevin Feige have previously stated that they're looking to bring Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the franchise's current R-rated form.

Liefeld stated in a Twitter Q&A session earlier in the week and claimed that Deadpool 3 "will totally happen!!!" When asked why Disney would move forward with a third installment rather than a reboot, Liefled explained to ComicBook that it's all about the money.

"I've got to be honest, if they don't ever make another Deadpool, I'm good," Liefeld said. "I got everything I need out of those two movies. So if they're going to make it three, they better make it good.

"Of course they're making [Deadpool] 3. 800 million and 800 million make 1.6 billion, that's more than Doctor Strange did... I know there's an accountant at Disney that goes, 'Hey the Deadpool franchise is more popular than these 10 other franchises,'" he continued. "C'mon, I will tell you they're going to make a [Deadpool] 3. What year? I don't know. ... What if I said no? How stupid would I be right now to say, 'Well Jim, no they're never making one.' Which sounds more insane -- 'yes they are' [or] 'no they're not?'"

He then joked about how he was going to keep Ryan Reynolds from aging for future installments.

"I am making a Ryan Reynolds android that will never age and can make movies for the next 13 years," Liefeld said.

The original Deadpool released in February 2016 and raked in 783.1 million worldwide, breaking numerous box office records including highest opening weekened for an R-rated film of all time. Deadpool 2 dropped in May 2018 to the tune of $778.9 million worldwide. The two films stand tall as the most profitable of the 12 movies in the X-Men franchise.

At the time of Deadpool 2's release, Reynolds said in an interview with EW he had no idea what was in store for the franchise after Disney's merger with Fox.

"I really genuinely don't know a thing about it," Reynolds admitted. "I read that [CEO and chairman] Bob Iger felt that there's plenty of room in that universe to have a rated-R character like Deadpool. This is completely conjecture on my part, but I wouldn't imagine that Disney bought Fox to dismantle it or something like that. I think that Disney bought Fox so it could have that in its arsenal."