Build-A-Bear Reveals New Deadpool Bear

Created by Rob Liefeld, Deadpool debuted in 1991 and, in the decades since, has proven himself as one of the deadliest characters in the entire Marvel Universe. A ruthless mercenary who never pulls his punches in either his acts of violence or crude sense of humor, film adaptations of the character have rightfully earned R ratings in order to accurately depict all of the carnage he causes. The popularity of Deadpool and Deadpool 2 have seen a massive surge in merchandise honoring the character, with fans now able to show their love of the Merc with a Mouth by purchasing a Build-A-Bear celebrating the character.

build a bear deadpool
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

The bears are online exclusives, which the site describes, "Here comes Build-A-Bear as Deadpool! This action-packed character is outrageously fun as an online exclusive collector's item. He even comes with a plush sword accessory set that can attach to his back or wrists. Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is a wacky, zany and mouthy hero that's a must-have for your collection!"

In addition to the standard bear, fans can also purchase a number of gift sets with exclusive accessories.

build a bear deadpool bunny
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is just being his wacky, zany and mouthy self in this awesome gift set. It includes Build-A-Bear as Deadpool wearing his own bunny ears with a plush mobile phone, backpack, and drink wristie.

build a bear deadpool cowboy
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

Giddy up! This hilarious gift set is so fun that even Wade Wilson himself would want it. Whether he's exploring the western wilderness or just on the hunt for tacos, Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is ready for lots of fun in his cute cowboy outfit.

build a bear deadpool roses
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

"Smell you later!" Actually, this character's going to stop and smell the roses first. This unique gift set features Build-A-Bear as Deadpool holding his own plush rose bouquet. The hero that's captured everyone's hearts is taking it to the next level with this fun gift set!

build a bear deadpool skateboard
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

Being a super cool skateboarder is super fun with Build-A-Bear as Deadpool! This action-packed gift set includes a toy skateboarding set so our hero can shred it whenever he wants!

build a bear deadpool proposal
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift that's also totally romantic? Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is pretty much handing it to you on a silver platter! This hilarious gift set features Build-A-Bear as Deadpool ready to pop the question with his ring wristie. He's the type of relentlessly wisecracking character that's hard to say no to!

build a bear deadpool ballerina
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

Wheee! Why not just dance and twirl all day? That's the whole POINTE of this hilarious Build-A-Bear as Deadpool gift set. It includes this character wearing his very own ballerina dance outfit. Get ready to twirl because here comes Build-A-Bear as Deadpool!

build a bear deadpool robe
(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

Even Build-A-Bear as Deadpool likes to pamper himself with a spa day now and then! This hilarious gift set features Build-A-Bear as Deadpool wearing a plush robe with bunny slippers. After all, he can't start his search for justice if he's not well-rested and relaxed first.

Head to Build-A-Bear's website to grab yours.

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