Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Details His Original, Bloody Cameo in the Movie

While speaking with during a live Quarantine Watch Party commentary of Deadpool, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has been dropping knowledge about the production of the feature film. Talking to's Brandon Davis Liefeld revealed new details about the circumstances of his cameo in the film, including what it was originally supposed to be and why it changed. Liefeld revealed that the Sister Margaret's set was an actual bar in Vancouver repurposed for the film. The comic scribe revealed the bar was located in what he called the seediest part of town which would have been fitting for his original cameo.

"Funny thing is originally Buck was stabbing me in the hand, I agreed to it, I thought it would be a funny joke (to) get a knife through my hand, my drawing hand. But they only had one prop knife and Buck was sweating so much, and the heat, the prop knife wasn't solid so it was bending every time they stabbed my hand."

Liefeld also offered more insights, confirming that the outfit he's wearing in the scene wasn't his clothes and that after his one cameo he didn't see the need to do any more appearances.

"People always ask me why I don't do cameos, well here's the quick answer: I did one, no one saw me in it. I don't need to keep doing cameos, I'm not Stan Lee...No that's not my wardrobe. I went to a wardrobe fitting, I got a sweet flannel shirt and I watched this scene play out about fifteen times because these guys would adlib something a little different every time. I'm literally sitting right to the right of Ryan this entire time."


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You can watch the full commentary track with Davis and Liefeld by clicking here and grab Deadpool and Deadpool 2 now wherever movies are sold.