Deadpool Director And Writers Explain Why Three Villains Were Cut From The Script

Deadpool Villains

Wade already had his hands full in FOX's Deadpool, but it could've been even worse if some other villains weren't left on the cutting room floor.

In a sit down with IGN, Director Tim Miller shed some light on the real reason Garrison Kane, Sluggo, and Wire (in the books as Wyre) didn't make the cut.

"They were Ajax's sidekicks – they're all good characters. [Deadpool creator] Rob Liefield is still crying because Garrison Kane's not in the movie, and Wire had one of the single best jokes in the script ever; his death was pretty epic. But I felt like, honestly – and this is not pandering – I wanted some more women in the movie. And so I wanted to replace them with a female superhero, or supervillain in Gina [Carano]'s case."

Writer Paul Wernick added that it was just more feasible, filming and budget wise, to blend those characters into one. "They were Ajax's muscle and we ultimately for budget reasons consolidated those three characters into the Angel Dust character. And I think a lot had to do with there's some CG elements to those characters."

Writer Rhett Reese chimed in about how expensive having those characters in the film could've been. "Garrison Kane has a bionic arm for instance, and that was going to be expensive. Wire shoots wires out of his extremities. We had a really cool scene where he was fighting Deadpool and Deadpool was cutting through the wires with his swords, but all expensive and all CG, and when it came time to make the movie we just had to make some hard, hard decisions."


I thought Angel Dust served the purpose as Ajax's muscle well, and never missed those characters for a second. There's always hope that they'll make it into Deadpool 2, which now officially has the green light.