Deadpool Kills Cable

As advertised on the cover and in the story’s title, Deadpool kills Cable in Despicable Deadpool #290, but not exactly the way you might expect.

SPOILERS for Despicable Deadpool #290 follow.

Things have been going poorly for Wade Wilson in the Marvel Legacy era. Once a beloved member of the Avengers, Deadpool fell from grace when he killed SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson while working for Hydra’s Captain America during the Secret Empire event.

Believe it not, that was only the start of Deadpool’s troubles. Deadpool has been forced into the service of Stryfe, the clone of Cable who was raised by Apocalypse and became a mutant supervillain terrorist. Stryfe is the only person capable of keeping the Preston family, including Deadpool's daughter, alive and so Wade feels like he has no choice but to do whatever Stryfe asks. What Stryfe asks is for Deadpool to murders several people for him, beginning with Cable, and to bring back Cable’s heart as proof.

Deadpool hunted down Cable and tried to kill him. He managed to cut Cable’s cybernetic arm off, but Cable was taken into custody by time police who believed he was Stryfe. Deadpool actually attached Cable’s arm to his own body so that he could pursue Cable through time. Once there, Deadpool and Cable both escaped the time prison and Deadpool finally told Cable what was going on.

Cable felt responsible for Deadpool’s situation, Stryfe being his clone and all, and helped Deadpool try to kill Stryfe. Stryfe was ready for them and things went poorly. Cable and Deadpool only survived by Cable sending a message back in time to warn himself not to try to take Styfe head-on.

With brute force off the table, Cable decided to try giving Styrfe exactly what he wanted. He made a call and staged a meetup with himself from the far future, where his body had been damaged and all that was left for him to wait for death. “Old Man Cable” wanted to die in peace, but Cable gave Deadpool permission to do what needed to be done and, well…

Deadpool Cable Death

Deadpool did kill Cable...eventually. Now the present-day Cable has to live with the knowledge that Deadpool will be the one to eventually kills him, but first, he and Deadpool need to find out exactly what Stryfe wants with Cable’s heart.

Despicable Deadpool #290 is on sale now.