Deadpool vs. Venom in New Funko Animated Short

Funko collectibles are all the rage among the geek community these days, and aside from selling figurines like gangbusters, the company has a new string of Marvel-themed animated shorts, designed after their popular wares.

The latest installment, Chimichangas, features none other than Deadpool battling Spider-Man (nemesis? Frienemey?) Venom!

In a scene that looks to be inspired by the Deadpool hit film, 'pool and Venom collide on a stretch of highway overpass, as Venom is wreaking havoc. Luckily for Deadpool, even though the symbiote monster proves to be more than a match, his little red tush (displayed proudly in the video) gets saved by one of the chimichangas from the food truck he's driving.


This is not the type of video that die-hard Marvel fans need to argue over ("Deadpool could never beat Venom! Yes he could! No he couldn't! etc...). It's a cute and fun short featuring some cool Funko collectibles and should be enjoyed as such.