Despite Marvel Split, Sony Has 5 or 6 Spider-Man TV Shows in the Works

It looks like the negotiations between Sony Pictures and Disney are over, and fans should not expect to see any more appearances from Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that doesn't mean the Wall Crawler will have a smaller profile moving forward, as the Spidey franchise is coming off of three huge films including the first billion dollar-grossing movie at the box office with Spider-Man: Far From Home. And now the production house is working on expanding the franchise onto small screens, despite the acrimonious split from Marvel Studios.

According to Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra, they are currently working on multiple Spider-Man series for television and streaming services. While addressing Spider-Man being taken out of the MCU, Vinciquerra explained that they're currently working on "five or six" series in the franchise.

"Spider-Man was fine before the event movies, did better with the event movies, and now that we have our own universe, he will play off the other characters as well," Vinciquerra said at Variety's Entertainment & Technology summit. "I think we're pretty capable of doing what we have to do here."

There have been rumblings of a Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse animated spinoff series, though it's not clear if that's moving forward at this time. Regarding other Spider-Man-centric spinoffs, there are a lot of characters that could be featured on the small screens. Sony already cancelled a movie featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat, and both could be perfect for serialized adventures on the small screen.

As for Marvel Studios, producer Kevin Feige reflected on the time he had creating new adventures for Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


"I'm feeling about Spider-Man gratitude and joy," Feige said. "We got to make five films within the MCU with Spider-Man: two standalone films and three with the Avengers. It was a dream that I never thought would happen. It was never meant to last forever. We knew there was a finite amount of time that we'd be able to do this, and we told the story we wanted to tell, and I'll always be thankful for that."

Spidey's last adventure in the MCU can currently be seen in theaters with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Beyond that, Sony Pictures is currently making spinoffs Morbius The Living Vampire and Venom 2. It's unclear when actor Tom Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker in future films.