Disney Exec Confirms More Deadpool in the Future at CinemaCon

It took Ryan Reynolds years to get a decent Deadpool movie off the ground, and in spite of creating two fan-favorite movies that made the character into a billion-dollar box office phenomenon, fans have been wondering if Disney's acquisition of Fox would mean Reynolds and company were done with raunchy, R-rated superhero comedies. According to Disney executive Alan Horn, though, that isn't the case. Today at CinemaCon, he assured the audience that more Deadpool was on the way, while standing against a backdrop of one of Reynold's tweets, presumably to drive home that the intent was to maintain the existing cast.

"You'll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years ahead," said Horn, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios and one of the people tasked with maintaining the brand's family-friendly image. It was Horn who pulled the trigger on removing James Gunn from Guardians of the Galay vol. 3 this summer and who later told reporters that there was no plan to reinstate the filmmaker. It is not clear whose call it was -- Horn's, or someone else's -- to back away from FX's Deadpool cartoon, which reportedly got axed because it was too mature for Marvel's tastes. The studio clearly sees the value in Deadpool as a franchise, though, and the question will be whether it continues to stand on its own and be an R-rated Fox production under the Disney banner, or whether Deadpool will join the rest of the X-Men family of characters in moving toward the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney's CinemaCon presentation has already been interesting, as the studio brought their full slate with them -- including Fox movies. There is something a bit surreal about having Disney executives talk up the virtues of Alien and officially announce the end of the X-Men cinematic universe with Dark Phoenix. There was no official word as to when more X-movies of any kind -- Deadpool or not -- would be coming along; it seems likely that any major announcements about the future of the MCU will be made after Avengers: Endgame, which releases later this month and will reset the status quo for a new generation of heroes.


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