Doctor Strange 2 Merch May Spoil Avengers Variants

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness has some merch that might spoil an Avengers team-up. An Amazon listing for a team of multiversal heroes got was found by The Cosmic Circus. In their piece, the description points towards a new logo for Earth's Mightiest Heroes that identifies another team. Now, the toys from Multiverse of Madness have already shown off Doctor Strange in his Defender costume. (That is speculated to be a variant from another universe.) But, this would take that idea even further as maybe the hero was collecting other super powered beings from across the multiverse. Things are all but assured to get weird in Multiverse of Madness. After Spider-Man: No Way Home, the doors are open for just about anything to occur in the Doctor Strange sequels. The rumors are out and they are plentiful. But, curious fans might have another clue to where this all could be heading later this year.

Previously, Loki director Kate Herron told's Phase Zero podcast that the Marvel directors do in fact communicate with each other.

 "Not between filmmakers. So basically every filmmaker has a sort of, you work with an executive producer from Marvel," Herron began. "So I was working with a producer called Kevin Wright and he would have those internal conversations and then he would come back and be like, 'This is anything we need to shift from that bigger multi-verse conversation.' So there definitely was places that in the story we tweaked it, but particularly in how we explain stuff in the Miss Minutes video. And then obviously like When He Remains is telling his story and how he did everything, I think that was, we had an idea, but it was sort of always evolving based upon the ripple effect of the nature of the beast basically." also had the chance to talk to Mary Livanos abut WandaVision. As the MCU expands, fans want to know how much this collaborative process comes into play.

"Definitely not blind on the other projects," Livanos said. "As producers, we all are sure to communicate a lot and all the time we have constant dialogues and it's actually one of my favorite parts of the job is to be able to call up for say, Richie Palmer, who's the producer on Doctor Strange 2, and just chat and brainstorm and catch up and make sure that everything that we're doing helps them and just to mind-meld, which is fantastic. So there's plentiful communication." She added, "Especially as we expand the Universe. It's crucial."

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