Avengers Star Mark Ruffalo Reacts To Eternals Trailer

Mark Ruffalo is as impressed with the Eternals trailer as most MCU fans are. The Hulk actor took [...]

Mark Ruffalo is as impressed with the Eternals trailer as most MCU fans are. The Hulk actor took to Twitter to share his reactions. One thing that stuck with the Avengers star is how there's never a shortage of bad guys threatening the universe. The trailer makes explicit mention of Thanos' plot to snap half of life out of existence. It's pretty funny to hear Ruffalo say something about that as the person who delivered the second snap. In Eternals, the Deviants are actually kind of his fault as the energy from the second gathering of the Infinity Stone provided these strange creatures a runway to wreck the Earth and force the ancient heroes out of hiding. Marvel has kept things very close to the vest when it came to this movie. It turns out there might be a very good reason for that. Shang-Chi apparently has some secrets that no one saw coming in it. Look for the villain in Eternals to have some role to play going forward.

Disney head of marketing Asad Ayaz spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming film. He said that there was a good reason for Marvel Studios' relative secrecy when it comes to Eternals.

"With Loki, you look at the release date of your film or series, and you kind of work backwards from that based on the story you want to tell over the course of the campaign. We put a lot of thought and a lot of creativity into what we want the fans to experience, what we want fans to own when they see the film and not necessarily spoil it pre-release. If you saw the Eternals teaser, it really gave nothing away," Ayaz began. "It's just an introduction to the characters and tone. It was a very, very early tease. We have so much more to do on that. We will be very judicious because we do have other films and shows prior to Eternals hitting. And Eternals is such a special movie with all-new characters, and we have two Marvel movies prior to that. So that gives us an advantage in using those to expose people more to Eternals, but also spacing things out."

He continued, "Loki and Black Widow are two very creatively unique properties. You look at the Shang-Chi trailer and the Black Widow trailer and the Eternals trailer teaser, they are all completely unique. They don't feel they are bleeding into each other or redundant or repetitive in any way. So that's a wonderful thing for us to have as a marketing team. We are making sure that the way fans experience them is unique and special and it doesn't feel like you've got all these different Marvel properties hitting you at the same time."

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