Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Adepero Oduye’s Brother Responds to "Release The Bucky Sarah Cut”

By the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans were demanding Marvel “Release The Bucky Sarah Cut.” Well, Adepero Oduye plays Sam Wilson’s sister in the series, but her real-life brother had some words for Sebastian Stan on Twitter. He was very playful, but didn’t want any funny business around his sister. (Kudos to him for being in on the joke!) Needless to say, we don’t know when we’ll see Sebastian Stan or Oduye in the MCU again. Falcon and the Winter Soldier wrapped up with Sam holding the shield as the new Captain America. Seeing as how he’s kind of a big deal, that probably means audiences should expect to see him fly in and help one of the Avengers at some point here. Until then, we can all go back to daydreaming about the witty banter on that boat. Well, at least until Captain America and the Winter Soldier season 2 drops.

Oduye recently spoke to Refinery29 about her role in the hit MCU series. The actress wanted to ensure Sarah was there for her own reasons rather than just being an accessory to Sam.

"What's funny is that it doesn't really feel like such a shift for me," Oduye revealed. "It's like somehow the universe found a way to give me a role that encapsulates what I love most about my job: telling grounded stories. It's absolutely on par with what I like to do."

"With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we're really getting to see what the blip really meant on multiple levels in the MCU and specifically for the Wilson family," she continued. "Sarah is a character who is very vocal about what's going on in the world and in her community, giving her brother the rundown on what went on [while he was gone]. These siblings are trying to get on the same page, but they're having to find their way back to each other."


"We're talking about what it means for a character like Sam Wilson to grapple with the mantle of Captain America," she continued. "No matter who you are or how high you can fly [like Sam], there are still the people who can only see what's on the surface. And I love that that nuance is finally being tackled because that's real life."

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